Kreitler Rollers

For nearly 40 years, Kreitler has been synonymous with unbeatable quality and performance. The aluminum roller drums are carefully machined to virtually perfect concentricity for a silky smooth, whisper quiet ride. Roller frames are welded out of tubular steel and powder coated with a durable epoxy coating to last for years. There is nothing that even comes close to the feel of riding on Kreitler Rollers. You may be a first time roller rider, or an experienced veteran – either way, you will find the right Kreitler product here for you.

Why ride rollers? Roller riding gives you so much more than riding a stationary trainer. Not only are rollers a lot more FUN, but they train your mind as much as your body, by consciously and unconsciously teaching you to pedal smoothly and stay balanced while you ride a straight line. Make the most of your indoor riding time by riding rollers!

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