Velodrome Espresso Set


Coming back after a long ride or “kicking back” with your mates discussing the final sprint, these 250ml Velodrome inspired mug and saucer sets will give you the ideal delivery of smooth coffee.

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Espresso Coffee Cup and Saucer Set

After taking feedback from coffee drinkers and trackies worldwide we have personally designed these amazing velodrome espresso cup and saucers sets.

Take your Espresso shot in one of these Porcelite British Standard Espresso mugs and saucer sets. These will make your Espresso taste even better and you can image “blasting” around the track at the same time..

Order asap as we have had huge response on all the social media sites…

£16.50 (£2p+p)
£29.00 for two sets (£4p+p)
£58.00 for four sets (£6p+p)

  • High quality Porcelite coffee cup & saucer set
  • Featuring the V-Sprint Logo



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