Kreitler Rollers 3.0 Alloy Kompact


The Alloy 3.0 Rollers have approximately 40% more resistance compared to the 4.5 rollers, offering the best combination of resistance, cost, and portability.

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The Kompact Alloy 3.0 Rollers combine the Alloy Drums with the Kompact Frame to give you a smaller, lower profile set of rollers for traveling or warming up at races. Fits 38” to 42” wheelbases only.

Alloy 3.0 Kompact Rollers

3.0″ x 15″ Alloy Drums with Alloy Endcaps, Kompact Frame, Belt

Who rides Kreitler Rollers?

  • Road and track racers
  • Mountain bikers
  • Triathletes
  • Recreational riders
  • Recumbent riders
  • Tandem riders
  • Anyone else looking for a challenging workout with multiple benefits.



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