Sportive Road Wheels

“My Sportive wheels have seen me through all the bad weather possible. The braking surface has been used massively during the most recent rides….Bargain”.

Mike F.


Sportive Pro Road Wheels

“Im not really a sportive rider but i need wheels for training.I picked these as they are “no nonesense” wheels and priced very well given they are handbuilt.

Mine have now done 1000s of hard training miles in all weathers.

I’ve washed and degreased these so many times and they are great.”

John C.


Carbon Aero Pro Road Wheels

“Ive treated myself to a pair of amazing wheels. Carbon Aero Pro Tubs! First race was a windy and wet criterium which was very challenging with tight bends and nasty cross winds.

The wheels were spot on – won the sprint for first win of the year.

Also the direct drive hubs really transfer the power when climbing. Five races in and running like clockwork.”

Will G.


Alloy Race Track Wheels

“Great pair of clinchers. Ive used these wheels for training on as the ease of changing tyres instead of tubular was the attraction.

I’ve used these mainly on outdoor tracks and they havent missed a beat!”.



Alloy Pro Track Wheels

“I’ve used Alloy Pro wheels now for over 8 months on various tracks indoors and out. To be honest i under estimated these wheels as i use them when a deep section isnt ideal.

Very responsive and they steer superbly. Won a few races on them too….”

Alex C.


Carbon Super Aero Pro Track Wheels

“Ive used 85mm Carbon Aero wheels for the World Masters Sprint. My PB was reduced by 2/10ths using these wheels.

Bearing in mind I weigh in around 95KGs these wheels have been super solid. Not forgetting the amazing sounds they make as the cut through the air…”

John H.


Carbon Aero Road Wheels

“These are the wheels i use personally to race on. Obviously im biased but im really “dishing out some effort on these.

In fact i crashed in a circuit race on these and had three riders ride over me and the bike. Wheels in tact, body a bit battered.”

Jim V


Carbon Aero Pro Track Wheels

“Ive used these 50mm Carbon Aero Pro wheels in bunch racing. Given the high power outputs required and i weigh 86K these wheels have been super solid.

Ive now used these for over a year now and they have required no attention at all…”

Nick Yarworth.


Custom Built Track Wheels

“I have a pair of the V-Sprint custom track wheels, with 50mm rims and Novatec hubs, all black with radial front spokes, these wheels are great and I use them mainly for summer road training on my fixed bike. They are standing up well to a mix of 2 hour rides and sprint training, including big gear standing starts, they really are a very strong pair of wheels, maybe no that light, but I didn’t get them for lightness – I wanted reliable and robust, which they excel at.

To top it off nicely they look very good too, all in all I can highly recommend them.”

The Surge


Track Pump Adaptor

“The V-Sprint track pump adaptors are excellent, a real must have for anyone who needs to inflate tyres to a high pressure with none of the usual hassle. It seems to fit most valves without any problems, with a little adjustment of the top cap to suit slight differences in valves the adaptor holds really well with no air leakage, gone are the days where pumping up track tubs had to be a two man job.

Essential kit!”